Birdman Cult




New York City






Acrylic and ink on Canvas

Artwork Info

One of the most famous motifs on Easter Island is that of the Birdman, a therianthropic figure, half man and half bird, connected to cult events at the sacred site of Orongo.
Orongo was the centre of the Birdman Cult and here you will find almost 1800 petroglyphs and numerous houses.

This is where the famous Birdman competition took place, basically the competition involved the strongest members from each Clan descending down the cliff, swimming a mile to the Motu Nui Island and them wait for the eggs of the Sooty Tern to be laid and bring one back to present it to his Clans leader, the leader would then become the Birdman for the next year and rule over the island for that time.

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