There are

11,972 empty 

walls in


And Stena is working to turn them into rotating exhibitions of locally produced art.  

This is Susie. She owns a cafe—and has plenty of wall space. 

This is Zak. He's an artist and needs somewhere to hang and sell his art. 

Zak created a Stena profile and uploaded his available art.


Susie saw his work on the Stena site and loved it. 

In just a few days, Stena drafted a contract, printed hang tags and installed Zak's pieces in Susie's cafe. 

The best part: Zak and Susie paid nothing upfront!

And that's only the beginning.


Stena takes all the work out of promoting and selling your art in public.


From installation to mobile payment processing, Stena is redefining the way art is sold in public spaces—connecting communities with local art and giving artists and businesses time to focus on their true crafts. 

Learn more. 

If you're like Susie and have some spare wall space. Click here for more information about becoming a Stena Space. 

If you're like Zak and have art you want to display and sell. Click here to learn more about becoming a Stena Artist. 



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