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How much does Stena cost?

Nothing—until your art sells. There are no upfront costs for artists and Stena will cover the expense of everything in the begining. When your art sells, you pay a 20% to 40% commission based on the price of the artwork. If your art doesnt sell, you won't pay anything. Simple as that!

How do I get my art to the business?

Once you match with a space, Stena will pick up your art and safely bring it to the space for installation. Pickup and installation details get hashed out in the contract phase of an agreement, so dont worry, there wont be any last minute suprises!

What happens if a Stena space wants to take my art down?

Contracts! Stena's specialized contracts make the terms and conditions of each contract clear. And we use these agreements to protect artists and businesses from abrubt changes happening along the way. But don't worry. If something comes up, we'll work closley with the business and artist to make sure we figure everything out.

What happens if the paining doesn’t sell in the negotiated period of time?

Each Stena agreement is for a set period of time—typically 1 to 2 months. As we approach the end of the agreement, we will check in with the artist and business and see if either want to extend the duration of the exhbition. If your art didn't sell—dont worry! Once the agreement is up, we can move your work to a new location ASAP. Remember you dont pay until the art sells.

How can customers buy my art?

Stena makes it easy for customers to buy your work: they can do it right from their phone! Each piece of art comes with a specially created wall tag that gives potential customers several ways to purchase. Using out unique TEXT for more info service, buyers can text us to get a link to buy your art online. They can also scan a QR code to get more information on how to purchase the work. Payments are processed securely on our platform and once the art sells, we will notify you and send you your money ASAP.

If my art sells, how do I get paid?

When your art sells, we will notify you of the sale and send your money within 7 business days of the payment clearing. When you create a Stena agreement, you'll select a payment option and as soon as we receive the money from the purchase, we'll send you your funds according to your election.

Is fine art insurance available?

Yes! We work hard to keep your art safe. But accidents happen! Depending on the piece of art and space, you may want to have insurance for the exhibition. We offer art insurance for an additional fee, and when you create a Stena agreement we will work out all the specifics.

What types of Spaces does Stena work with?

Stena works with many types of businesses including: cafes, restaurants, hotels, residential and corporate lobbies, retail spaces and more. No matter if your audience is a first time art buyer, or a seasoned collector, Stena will find a space that suits you.

How is my art installed?

Stena works with a team of professional art installers to make sure your work is safley installed. We also pay close attention to where in the business the art is placed, keeping it away from heavy traffic areas, but still in places wher people can easily see it.

Can I have a gallery opening when my art gets displayed?

Yes—in most cases! Stena's goal is to give artists a place to hang their work so it can be seen by the community. If you want to have a gallery reception once your work is displayed, let us know and we will arrange it with the space owner. If your work is being displayed in a non-public space (residential lobby, corporate office, spa, ect.) there may be restrictions to how many people can attend your opening. Email info@stenaapp.com for more details.

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