We help artists find spaces to sell and display their art. 


If you're an artist and want to exhibit your pieces in local spaces, no longer do you have to struggle to find businesses willing to hang your work. And no more stressing about how to promote it or how you'll get paid! 

Stena takes the work out of displaying and selling your art in local spaces—and we mean all the work. 

How we do it

  • We have agreements with local spaces—including hotels, corporate and residential lobbies, cafes, restaurants, spas, retail spaces and more—that are ready and willing to work with Stena artists. 

  • Once an artist creates a Stena profile, it gets shared with Stena space owners and they can choose which artist they think would work well in their space. 

  • Once a Stena space owner selects an artist they want to work with, Stena initiates the relationship and helps negotiate a mutual agreement. 

  • Stena takes care of all the busy work—like drafting contracts, installing the art and securely processing payments when artwork sells—you won't pay a dime until your art gets sold! 

  • Stena's social platform takes almost all the work out of displaying and selling your art in local spaces—giving you more time to focus on your craft.  

What we offer 

  • An online and mobile platform to display your art and get discovered by local space owners. 

  • Tailored contracts for each exhibition agreement. 

  • Professional art pick-up and installation. 

  • Fine art insurance. 

  • Unique and personalized marketing strategies that help engage customers and increase sales. 

  • Clear, easy and secure payment process—allowing customers to purchase art directly from their mobile device. 

  • Safe and secure delivery when the art sells. 

  • Customer service to manage any questions or issues that come up along the way. ​​

The Stena platform empowers artists to... 

— Easily take control of their art business from the comfort of their home. 

— Increase exposure, name recognition and sales. 

— Build lasting relationships with communities, local spaces and art patrons.  


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